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Two parts, one integrated approach to brain-body

Brainspan uses the 3 blood indices to provide the fatty acid profile for the patient. The RBCs number in the billions that are acquired from a dried blood spot and they are used is a marker of the tissue levels in the rest of the body. Several studies have indicated that the clinical value and utility of the method used first pioneered by Dr Bill Harris under the "HS-Omega-3" method which he later showed a 0.98 correlation to Dried Blood Spot.  This method leverages the stability of the fatty acids, removing the need for fasting or the impact short term of dietary changes. This provides an excellent long term view. 

The second part of the test leverages the Cognitive Function Test in collaboration with Cambridge Brain Sciences.  This test is currently being deployed and will be discussed in greater detail in the coming 1-2 weeks.

the brainspan report: the bridge between practitioner and patient is provided by a 10 page, patient friendly descriptive analysis and interpretation.

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Integrating longevity science with brain health to truly provide a quality of life heath score

BrainSpan leverages a patent pending formula to examine fatty acid levels in the blood at a given point of time with cognitive function scores. Based on known science, these are related to expected cognitive decline curves that account for proper fatty acids in the diet such as the  resilience offered by high levels of DHA and EPA.  The end result is predictive analysis score that helps the patient understand their score today but more important and more motivating, where they could expect to be if changes are not made in the dietary habits and lifestyle.