What percent of your health potential are you not tapping into? What would it mean to explore the limits of that for you and your patients?

BrainSpan has created a powerful level of self-awareness around the impact of the Western diet directly on the day to day critical functions of our brain;  while also highlighting the long term consequences of an epidemic of dietary fatty acid imbalances plaguing almost every patient of every age.

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Cellular fatty acids-- the molecules that serve as the early ingredients to life itself, are corrected with a variety of nutritional modifications that map beautifully to the Standard Process line.



BrainSpan runs on a powerful, comprehensive hipaa compliant clinical platform that provides training/education and a host of valuable functions--all making integrating brainspan simple and efficient for you and your staff. 

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Standard Process has the comprehensive approach needed


Why Standard Process?

At BrainSpan, one of the most common questions we get asked by our growing number of new practitioners is "what nutritional programs do you recommend so I can take my patient from report to action?"

One of the areas we take great pride in is the integrity of our testing. Based on decades of science, we know when we measure and produce a specific value and define it, the patient can trust in the number they get. Yet we do not want our practitioners treating numbers, we want them focused on improving the quality of life that the numbers represent. Starting with cell fatty acids and all the way to the most complex functional organ, the brain, we know when we measure, we must create meaning, and that meaning must create action.  That is true of both the fatty acid metrics and the cognitive function scores.

With a partner like Standard Process we felt the same level of dedication to both the quality of product but the purpose behind what they do. We knew that the whole food supplement approach was the more physiologically important approach; especially in the area of brain health but also with regards to cellular fatty acid dysfunction where a more whole food approach can lead to more profound fatty acid changes leading to increased cellular health, improved metabolism, and less inflammation.  Safeguarding your cognitive function requires safeguarding the nutritional value of your supplements and the whole food philosophy is one we know will reap benefits far beyond the numbers on the report.


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