The Foundation: Fatty Acid Profile

BrainSpan offers your practice a simple and effective means to provide the most important markers of health to each and every patient. The markers provided are drawn from two distinct areas: (1) blood fatty acid markers and (2) cognitive function metrics. The fields of cellular biology, pathology, and nutrition all intersect here at the epicenter of human health.  At BrainSpan we draw this point into great focus, providing engagement, education, and compliance for your nutritional practice.  Cognitive function and cellular health are two sides of the same human experience: quality and quantity of life...and now we can measure them together.

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DBS Technology

BrainSpan uses a proprietary technology of filter paper treatment that locks in the fatty acids for a period of up to 30 days. Most other fatty acid tests have to be whole blood and fasting and have tremendous variability. The science behind BrainSpan's test is unparalleled at over +130 peer reviewed articles.



Fatty acids are the components of the cell's membrane and inflammatory pathways that impact nearly every cellular pathway known. From cellular metabolism, to aging, resilience/repair and neurogenesis/function, fatty acids are by far the most important nutrient that impacts our entire well-being and shaped by the quality of our diet.

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Brainspan provides a 10 page detailed report that reports on 3 fatty acid metrics and 4 cognitive function indices. Reports are engaging, meaningful and lead to behavioral change. BrainSpan provides a Nutritional Summary page used by leading nutritional companies.