Patient compliance depends on information made actionable

Combining the fundamentals of cell health with the fundamentals of brain function provide fresh insights into the powerful role of nutrition

Insights that will serve to propel your nutritional practice to new heights

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Compliance depends on motivation and motivation starts with goal based progress tracking


metrics and biomarkers all tell a story--one your patients will understand and act on with the brainspan reporting and tracking system

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BrainSpan has a comprehensive clinic solution that brings together affordable testing kits, electronic registrations, notifications, and tracking, and beautiful 10 page patient-friendly reports. A proven combination. 

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BrainSpan is the only clinical decision tool that combines a unique RBC fatty acid method with cognitive function data to bring true meaning and compliance to your nutritional practice.

The backbone of the system is the BrainSpan provider account portal.

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At wholesale prices below $99, Brainspan provides clinicians a comprehensive solution for true well-being with several clinical condition specific applications



Healthy Weight & Aging

Six weeks of increased EPA and DHA significantly improved lean muscle mass and decreased body fat in healthy adults

Noreen et al. J. Int. Soc. of Sports Nutrition, 2010; 7:31



Concussion Resilience

Optimal blood levels of EPA and DHA help to restore the survival of neuronal cells after a traumatic brain injury

Kumar et al. Journal of Traditional & Complementary Med. 2014 Apr-Jun; 4(2): 89–92.


Chronic Pain & Inflammation

A high Omega-3 Index may provide effective pain relief for people with chronic musculoskeletal pain

Cleland et al. Nutrition & Dietetics. 2009:66;4-6